Speeding Ticket Attorney

Speeding tickets can be a continual pain for many people. Each speeding ticket is an annoyance that comes with penalties, fines, and insurance rate increases. In addition, multiple offenses can quickly spiral into severe consequences, including loss of license or having your car impounded. Take each speeding ticket seriously; an aggressive speeding ticket attorney can fight each ticket and help reduce or eliminate penalties. Treat each speeding ticket as its own criminal allegation and get a speeding ticket lawyer to act as your defense.

How Our Speeding Ticket Attorney Handles Your Case

Our speeding ticket attorney will sit down and have a full consultation with every client. It is important to gather all of the facts regarding each individual speeding ticket. That is why it is so vital to contact a defense lawyer for each ticket and get started as soon as possible.

Every fact about your case is a potential defense that our speeding ticket lawyer can use in your favor. Road and weather conditions can all play a part. Any obstructions between your vehicle and the ticketing police officer are important to note. We can even go back to the section of the road and take pictures to aid your defense. Some cases can be successfully argued by these circumstances by our speeding ticket lawyer.

How Our Speeding Ticket Attorney Tackles Radar

It might seem like an open and shut case if a ticketing officer uses a radar gun to issue a speeding ticket. However, our speeding ticket attorney can still win your case, even against radar evidence. Here are a few ways that we can do that:

  • Subpoena radar equipment maintenance and calibration records
  • Use the road conditions to show that the radar gun was getting an accurate reading by tracking another vehicle
  • Prove that the officer was not properly trained or using the radar gun properly

We offer free case analysis around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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