Domestic Violence Lawyer

While the legal system is often confusing to the average person, a domestic violence charge is even more complex. What you need is an expert domestic violence lawyer who specializes in this type of case. Our domestic violence attorneys will aggressively defend you and can start working on your case even before formal charges are filed.

Our Domestic Violence Attorneys' Defense Against A Domestic Violence Charge

Domestic disputes require a unique and aggressive defense strategy right from the start. Your domestic violence lawyer will begin creating a defense for you right from your initial free case analysis.

We work to get a dismissal before charges are formally announced; this proactive defense is the best one available to you. We will gather evidence and listen to your story in order to put together a pre-charge defense strategy. Our domestic violence attorneys will use all the evidence available to them to get a dismissal, including:

  • A character profile for your defense, including your criminal history, good character letters, and your education or military service records. Your character can be a potent defense.
  • Polygraph tests to argue for a dismissal of charges
  • A psychological test to show that you do not have the profile of a typical abusive personality
  • Statements that your accuser has made false accusations in the past, if applicable
  • A proactive attack on the prosecutor’s evidence by expert witnesses and statements

If the case does go to trial, our criminal attorneys are ready to take your defense to court. We will fight for you at jury selection, through poignant cross examinations, and with strong defense witnesses and evidence. No matter what it takes, with an aggressive domestic violence lawyer on your side, you can fight back.

We offer free case analysis around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call us at 888-719-4LAW or email us to get in touch with our expert criminal defense lawyers. You don’t have to just plead guilty ever again because we fight aggressively for every client.