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When Chicago residents are in legal trouble, our criminal defense attorneys are ready to help. Whatever the allegations, we have a criminal attorney in Chicago with experience and knowledge to help you fight back. Contact our criminal defense attorneys in Chicago and we can begin to pursue justice. Your consultation call with one of our Chicago criminal defense lawyers is free!

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Criminal attorney in Chicago Rajeev K. Bajaj is an expert defender with years of experience in Cook County.


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Our criminal defense attorneys in Chicago understand the additional complexities of a case that will be tried in Federal Court. Our experience will make your case a success.


When drugs are involved, you need a strong criminal defense attorney. Our glattorneys know how to help you make your case in this difficult area of law.


Don’t panic if you are accused of DUI – contact our Chicago criminal defense attorneys immediately so we can begin preparing your strongest defense for court.


Domestic violence charges require a strong case set up by an expert criminal attorney. Choose the best to help you combat the charges: call Rajeev K. Bajaj first.


Don’t be discouraged when you are charged with a crime. Our Chicago criminal defense lawyers are on your side and will help you prove your case and find justice.


Fraud cases are complex and require skilled legal representation for success. Put your case in the hands of our criminal attorney in Chicago and relax.

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December 5, 2019

Attorney Rajeev K. Bajaj Examines Essential Measures to Take When Accused of a Crime

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