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When facing criminal prosecution, some people might feel hopeless and would rather plead guilty. We are Chicago criminal defense lawyers who believe every client has the right to aggressive representation and criminal law lawyers in Chicago that will fight to the full extent of the law.

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Years of Experience

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Expertise in white collar crimes

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Licensed in Indiana and Illinois

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  • Drug Defense Attorney
  • Drunk Driving/DUI Attorney
  • Speeding Ticket Attorney
  • General Traffic Ticket Lawyer
  • Fraud Attorney
  • Embezzlement Attorney
  • Assault and Battery Lawyer
  • Domestic Violence Lawyer
  • Murder/Homicide Lawyer
  • Identity Theft Attorney
  • Stalking Lawyer
  • Sex Crime Lawyer
  • Sexual Assault/Rape Attorney
  • White Collar Crime Lawyer
  • ArsonTheft Attorney
  • Expungement Lawyer

This list only covers the basics of the many services our criminal law lawyers offer to our clients. We handle every aspect of the case when we take on a client. Our criminal defense lawyers also handle expungement cases to resolve issues from prior cases – to be sure that a client’s record is clean and clear. You should also check our celebration of Happy Republic Day 2019