Drug Defense Attorney

Drug charges can leave a lasting scar on anyone’s record; nearly every job application asks about prior drug crime convictions. If you are facing drug charges, you should seek representation from an expert Chicago drug offense lawyer. One common aspect of most drug charges that a drug offense lawyer deals with is the harsh nature of sentencing. With an aggressive criminal attorney, anyone can fight back and exercise their rights rather than just accepting a guilty plea.

Our Chicago Drug Defense Lawyers Handle All Drug Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers are well versed experts in nearly every area of criminal law. This allows us to take on all types of clients from the Chicagoland area and to achieve positive results.

  • Drug possession, no matter how small or large the alleged amount
  • Drug trafficking accusations
  • Cultivation and growing offenses
  • Manufacturing of illegal substances
  • Possession with the intent to distribute

Comprehensive Defense Strategies From An Aggressive Drug Offense Lawyer

Drug charges are complex cases to handle. They can also be accompanied by civil penalties in addition to criminal charges, such as confiscation of property. Money on hand or in the home can be seized as evidence pending the completion of a trial and may even be forfeited. The most effective defenses have to start early in the case long before trial begins; now is the time to contact our drug defense lawyers or a criminal attorney to get your case started.

Our drug defense lawyers spend the time to discuss all of the details of a case with our clients to explore every avenue for a potential defense. We explain your rights, especially as it concerns making deals with the state or illegal searches and seizures. Some of our defense tactics will hinge on challenging the legality of evidence collected against our clients, the purity and weight of any substances found, and any other avenue to reduce or rescind drug charges.

We offer free case analysis around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call us at 888-719-4LAW or email us to get in touch with our expert criminal defense lawyers. You don’t have to just plead guilty ever again because we fight aggressively for every client.