Embezzlement Attorney

Embezzlement charges are complicated cases. In some respects, embezzlement is like a fraud charge, but it is also closely related to theft. Trying to sort out all of the facts in an embezzlement case is the responsibility of expert embezzlement lawyers. Make no mistake – if you are facing this type of charge, you need a criminal lawyer to defend yourself. Your embezzlement attorney will put forth an aggressive defense to save you from being subject to both civil and criminal charges ranging from heavy fines to jail time.

How Your Embezzlement Attorney Dissects The Charges

Every detail in this type of case is important. Aggressive embezzlement lawyers will need to know every detail of the case in order to attack the prosecutor’s strategy. After you call for a free case analysis, your consultation with our criminal lawyer will focus on extracting every piece of evidence that we can use to defend you.

The proper defense against embezzlement requires a very specific strategy. Your embezzlement attorney will fight against a specific element of the charge called conversion. Conversion means that a person accused of embezzlement illegally used another person’s money for gain. Our embezzlement attorneys will work to disprove the allegation that our clients violated the trust of a business or individual to commit fraud and steal money or other assets.

If you had the right to use the funds in question, then the embezzlement case can be won. If you did not knowingly defraud a company or individual, the charges can be defeated. Your conduct with these funds determines whether or not your actions were illegal. Your embezzlement lawyers will challenge each and every assumption to resolve your case.

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