Stalking Lawyer

Stalking and harassment charges are severe allegations that can result in harsh consequences, from civil penalties like fines up to criminal charges including restraining orders, imprisonment, and counseling. Stalking charges can even be brought up from emails, text message, and phone calls. Don’t think that a stalking charge is something you can handle without a criminal defense lawyer. The best defense against these allegations is a proactive one, and that requires an aggressive stalking attorney. A proactive stalking lawyer will start working for you immediately, including fighting against formal charges from ever being filed.

How Your Stalking Lawyer Will Conduct Your Defense

Our clients start with a free case analysis with an expert stalking attorney to get the facts straight; the sooner you make the call, the more effective a proactive defense will be. False accusations and misunderstandings are relatively common when it comes to this type of charge. Your expert stalking lawyer will immediately begin to build a defensive case to cut off a stalking allegation from day one.

Some of the successful defense methods that our stalking lawyer will use in your case include:

  • The accused’s actions were misunderstood
  • There is a lack of evidence to back up the stalking or harassment claims
  • The victim is using an allegation to further a divorce settlement or child custody battle
  • The good record and reputation of the accused
  • An emotional disorder or a difficult emotional situation on the part of victim

Some stalking cases can come down to a he said, she said fight. An expert stalking attorney will uncover evidence and present testimony to get the legal process on your side. You stalking lawyer can also successfully negotiate reduced charges and out-of-court settlements in your favor.

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