Identity Theft Attorney

Identity theft has become a major problem in this new internet economy. Contracting a computer virus combined with making several purchases online could lead to someone taking your financial information in order to steal your identity. Once your finances and identity have been used fraudulently, it can be overwhelming trying to repair the damage and restore your good credit and name. You need an aggressive identity theft attorney who has years of experience working to restore their clients’ credit and reputation. When you call for your free case analysis, we will put you in touch with our identity theft lawyers who will get to work on giving you your life back.

How Our Identity Theft Lawyers Put Your Financial Life Back Together

There is a process that victims of identity theft need to follow in order to reestablish their financial reputation. First, our identity theft lawyers will assist you in filing a police report for an identity theft complaint. A report must be filed with your local police department as well as the police department where the theft occurred. For instance, you would need to file with the police department in your city as well as in California if your credit card information was stolen to make a purchase there.

From there, we work to stop any further damage by closing compromised accounts, filling out bank or credit card fraud complaints, and placing a fraud alert on your credit report. The fraud alert will help prevent any further credit from being taken out in your name. Our identity theft lawyers will then go through your credit report to identify any and all fraudulent accounts and activity. We will fix any additional problems that show up.

Finally, our identity theft lawyers will negotiate settlement terms with credit agencies to restore your good name and credit score.

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