Assault And Battery Lawyer

A charge of assault and battery is a serious matter that requires a criminal attorney for defense. Thankfully, an expert assault and battery attorney has a number of ways to defend its clients against this charge. When you call for a free case analysis, our assault and battery lawyer will go over every aspect of your case in order to build your defense. You don’t have to accept a guilty plea because you are intimidated by the legal process; our assault and battery attorney will work with and for you every step of the way.

How Our Expert Assault And Battery Lawyer Will Defend You

An assault and battery charge can be defeated outright, or at least reduced in charge and impact on your record. Your assault and battery lawyer will use every legal recourse to defend you, including a number of effective, common defenses to this charge.

defending yourself, your family, or your property. Most judges will accept a well-reasoned defense that can prove your actions were in self defense, including defending your property and possessions.

This charge can also be fought on the grounds that your actions were taken to prevent another crime. By arguing that your actions were within reasonable limits of the severity of the prevented crime, your charge can be dropped.

Consent is also another issue that can fight a charge; an altercation between consenting parties is not considered assault and battery.

Your assault and battery lawyer will also pursue other defenses, including checking for proper police and court procedures that could invalidate a case. At the very least, your assault and battery lawyer will use their knowledge of the law and extenuating circumstances to try to reduce your sentence, even for cases of aggravated assault.

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