Arson Lawyer

Arson charges can cause a complicated legal battle. Arson charges primarily hinge on a person’s intent; deliberately or negligently creating a fire is what constitutes a crime. In order to navigate through this complicated legal process, you need an expert arson attorney who understands all of the rigorous details involved in an arson case.

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The best defense against criminal charges is aggressive and proactive. When you call for your free case analysis, our arson lawyer will immediately being planning your defense. A proactive defense starts before trial, working to secure a dismissal through our knowledge and expertise in the legal system. If a case does go to court, our arson lawyer will argue your case and punch holes in the prosecutor’s argument.

Arson charges have to be defended both on the basis of forensic evidence and expert witnesses; never try to defend yourself without an expert arson attorney. Our defense tactics center on fighting the evidence against our clients as well as the prosecution’s expert witnesses. We will conduct our own investigation and utilize our own expert witnesses as well, should the case go to trial.

No matter which direction the case takes, our arson lawyer has the knowledge and experience to defend your rights. Nothing is off the table when it comes to defending our clients, including negotiating settlements and plea bargains outside of court. While arson is a felony, lesser charges do exist as misdemeanors which do not typically carry jail time or have the same impact on your record. Don’t plead guilty to a felony no matter how attractive the offer might be; always consult with your arson lawyer before taking any deal. We will work to procure a better one.

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